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Artificial Putting Green & Synthetic Golf Grass

When it comes to a synthetic or artificial putting greens, it can get pretty complicated if you’re a genuine golfer. We say this because your garage or basement if filled with a million gadgets to make your game better…some work, some don’t What SGS Turf offers is a serious line-up of proven putting greens, mats and golf systems to get you as close to the real game as possible. Our putting green systems start with a basic 10 Stimp out of the box putting surface, respectively our Poa Annua & Royal Putt. We also offer putting surface systems with a rough, 1st cut, and very tunable putting surface so you get a reactive green that gives you a challenge but predictability in every stroke. Need to change up that line, simply roll the green with a water roller and you’ve a whole new break. All of our putting surfaces and systems have run through the rigors of our top golf staffers…No sand bagging here, scratch and under players only need apply.
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Get serious about your short game with SGS Turf golf and putting green systems.

We supply all necessary items for a full synthetic green installation including, cups, flags, various sand systems.
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