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Sentry Series Artificial Grass…Clouds for the ground

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exemplifies natural green grass, with hints of spring green, locked in with a variable root-zone. What makes Sentry so attractive is the soft touch technology that is unmistakably one of our softest products, and the touch is absolutely cloud-like.

  • Low Sheen with Extreme UV Protection

Because of SGS’ exclusive color mix, our green hue blended grass fibers represent healthy turf in prime growing season. The result with use of the S-Fiber, is a straight blade stock and solid texture that looks absolutely like perfectly mowed lawn. No other turf product on the market has obviously  natural looks that the SENTRY artificial grass series displays…a true winner.


Sentry Turf Features

  • Softest Fiber Core
  • Upright Blade Feature
  • Ultra Thick Root-Zone
  • Emulates newly mowed lawn
  • Heavy Face weight(s)


Used as a fringe, the Sentry is a perfect accompaniment to a putting green. Because of the upright fibers, a golf ball sits in perfect lie for chipping and short pitches.  Sentry-synthetic-grass-fringe

 Choose between , 65oz & 90oz face weights.

Sentry Artificial GrassInfill options available depending on artificial lawn applications and use.

Infill help support product and is used primarily as ballast. K9 & pet infill options available.

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