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SAGE…New Level Realism, Color, & Texture.

The all new Sage artificial lawn for 2018 is a grand-slam.

The Sage line of turf takes a new approach at creating a “not-so-perfect” perfect lawn. Using elements and components from various iterations of well-received synthetic turf, applying some not so conventional manufacturing process’, and stitching together a new look that exemplifies the most natural color & blade structure we’ve constructed to date.  Yes, it is somewhat ironic,  creating a turf product with prominent “dead-fiber” elements, yet the finished curb appeal look is truly outstanding.

Sage Turf Features

  • Over 6-elements & fibers used in construction, normally only 3-fibers used.
  • 5-different colors
  • Thick Root-Zone
  • Emulates real-grass w/ dead grass blades
  • Heavy Face weight(s) with pile heights starting at 1.75″ tall

 Choose between, 77oz & 92oz weights.



options available depending on artificial lawn applications and use.

Infill help support product and is used primarily as ballast. K9 & pet infill options available.

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