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You have many choices for purchasing artificial turf, eBay, craigslist and a host of other online resellers, but how do you know where & what you’re actually getting?

Many 3rd tier resellers don’t actually know where their product comes from, and are told they are getting factory direct. The reality is most product being offered online today is import product, disguised as prime US made, remnants, or even 2nd Quality.

Bait & Switch

Beside direct import product from Asia, many large suppliers say they send US made materials to China for conversion to finished turf goods, then import the finished turf back to the United States???

The SGS Difference.

We are the manufacture source for the West Coast & Mid West, so should you ever have a problem, we know when, where, and what materials were used to make your product FROM the USA.

We’ll actually provide you with a manufacture date, dye lot, production run, and MSDS sheet (manufacture safety data sheet) of materials, so you know exactly how your turf is processed & made.

In addition to providing US factory tracing, we also have a full line of testing with regard to wear, UV-degradation and even ASTM standards for sport and playground surfacing applications.

We want you to purchase with confidence knowing you are getting nothing but direct, first quality US Made turf products with manufacture traceability.

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