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Turf Infill

The primary purpose of synthetic turf infill is to typically provide ballast/weight which prevents wrinkles and any lifting during dramatic temperature swings.  As with any infill system, there are also secondary effects of using various types of infill.

Landscape Infill Options

Most soft lawn and artificial lawn applications require some infill, but not near as much as say a sports field application. The primary use of infill is merely ballasting and keeping the turf in place, but there are other reasons for turf infill per application. If your synthetic lawn is not going to receive heavy foot traffic, then typically 1 to 2 pounds per sq ft of appropriate infill is sufficient. This will create enough ballast so wind and normal foot traffic will not disturb the turf or cause movement, plus keeps ultraviolet light from reaching the turf backing.  If however you are going to incorporate pets or other activities to the surface, then other more appropriate infill should be considered.

Pet Specific Infill

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There are several products available that are pet specific, and in particular dealing with odor, bacteria and other potential harmful buildup within pet turf & similar product.

We carry ZeoPur as a “natural” alternative product to reduce bacteria & odor. ZeoPur is a natural product that has been in use and is fed to dairy cattle and other live stock. Zeolite functions when liquid comes in contact activating natural bacteria and odor displacement properties. ZeoPure is non-toxic, can be consumed (not as a meal obviously) and is all natural. It has no harmful affects.

In addition to ZeoPur, we carry PurTech infill which is designed with an anti-microbial disrupter to help mitigate mold, fungus and mildew. This is especially useful when pets and other animals will be in contact with the turf on a regular basis.

Anti Microbial Turf Infill

Landscape, Playground & Sport Application Infill

envirofillFor sport applications, and up until recently playground & landscape, granulated rubber has been the primary material of choice. Granulated rubber provides a shock absorbing benefit, does not compact similarly to silica sand, and can be reused. Although there has been some articles implicating rubber as harmful, most producers of granulated rubber infill have addressed this issue with testing and environmental validations.

Putting Green Infill


golf-turf-sunsetPutting green specific infill helps to maintain a greens balance of playability and ball control.

Infill for putting greens creates several ball roll characteristics that control roll, speed and bounce. Depending on the exacting putting speed and surface you choose, helps to dictate what type of infill is best suited for your putting surface. Sometimes a combination of infill is required to obtain the best performance. Consult SGS’

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