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Synthetic Putting Greens

Golf Pro Designed

  • Perfect Roll & Break
  • 16 Year Warranty
  • Stimp Rated
  • U.S. Made


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Solitude 62

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Putting Greens

Creating an artificial putting surface is no easy task, especially if you intend on creating perfect roll, bounce and speed. SGS has over 15-years at creating some of the highest caliber synthetic putting greens in the industry. Because we’re avid golfers, and even nationally ranked players, we understand how a green is suppose to react and play.

Our putting green systems are intended to dramatically improve your short game, which is where most golfers loose valuable strokes.

SGS offers two types of putting systems that can cut strokes, and help you gain confidence in your short game.
Both systems have the ability to:

  • Improve short game dramatically
  • Perfect bounce, roll, speed & spin
  • Adjustable break & roll
  • Speed control advantage
  • Clean roll, no pop or bounce
  • Pet & kid safe
  • 16-year warranty
  • Stimp reading rated


Considering the most Western states are facing drought issues, why not swap out your lawn that’s sucking down water, plus the constant upkeep, and replace it with a proven pro artificial outdoor putting green.

You can have more time to practice your short game, save money, and be the boss on the green!

Do you need installation?

Contact us directly so we can refer a trained and certified SGS installer. All of our independent installers are licensed & insured and have a minimum of 5-years experience installing putting greens.

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