Triton 80

Recommended Use: Light to Moderate Traffic
Main Application: Landscape / Pet Friendly
Colors: Forest & Apple Green

Common Uses

  • High Visibility
  • Front Yard or Commercial Landscape
  • Curb Appeal

Product Description

ALL NEW Trition 80 3D!

SGS Turf introduces the all new Trition 80 3D landscape synthetic turf solution.

Over the years SGS Turf has consistently taken client feedback in a looped system to either improve existing products or simply create something completely new.  So for 2021, SGS is bringing back our Triton series turf with a new look and feel.

What we have realized is that samples shown to clients do NOT represent what a full installation will ultimately look like. Triton is a combination of vibrant bright green, in contrast of a deep forest green, then utilizes a 2-color root-zone, setting the stage for a 3-dimensional appearance. This 3d appearance, all though bright up close, becomes an amazing blend of natural green colors that is wholly natural. The final touch to the revised Triton is an amazing soft touch small C fiber that is low sheen that amazingly stands straight up. This is the perfect front lawn or high visibility application turf product.

Now available and ships to lower 48-states.

Wear Light
Color Forest Green/Apple Green
Height 1.75”
Blade Structure Soft C Blade
Landscape X
Pet Friendly X
Pet Specific X
Golf Rough
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