Meridian 100 MAX

Recommended Use: Moderate
Main Application: Landscape / Pet Friendly
Colors: Olive & Field Green

Common Uses

  • Bold W Fiber Design
  • 5 Different Face Weights
  • 5 Pile Heights
  • Dark Fescue Color

Product Description

If you have to have the top, the heaviest, boldest, grand-by-design turf product, then the Meridian Max 100 is the crown holder. A reaching 2.5” pile height and Godzilla 100oz face weight, puts MD 100 MAX at the top of all our products. Complexity, and limited texture are some of the visual characteristics shown in the MD100 Max. The Max is simply bold and a specification monster. Great for front or backyard applications or any other landscape scenario.

Meridian is a true and proven turf line, and has been a staple product of SGS for many years. As an award winning product, Meridian stands on its own merits with regard to over all looks and application.

Wear Moderate
Color Olive & Field Green
Height 1.4” to 2.5”
Blade Structure W Fiber
Landscape X
Pet Friendly X
Pet Specific
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