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What separates Loki from our other products is texture.

Loki is created using a slightly textured W-shape blade.  What difference does this make? Well, real grass rarely looks like a carpet, but many synthetic turf products, unfortunately, tend to look like a carpet if not created properly. This was our main intent when designing Loki. Coming in with a stout 84oz face-weight, and a total weight of 106oz, it surely is not skimping on total components.  Loki is definitely a “front-yard” appearance product. We have a saying at SGS Turf, “You want people to NOT notice your synthetic turf install.”  Print

The secondary and final finish to the Loki series of turf is a two-tone root-zone, adding more long fiber support while enhancing the aesthetic, yet natural overall look to the artificial grass.

Because drainage is important, and keeping our aquifer’s topped up is crucial, Loki’s porosity can achieve a 30″ per hour drain rate.


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