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Looking to cut your water bill and yard maintenance and install high quality, realistic synthetic turf?

Tested Above and Beyond.

SGS offers the most tested synthetic turf products available on the market today. We scrutinize every product we produce, for planet safety, and yours.
All SGS Turf products go through several rigorous tests, including lead/heavy metal, wear and even stringent UV tests.

Right Turf Product for the Job.

We have the perfect turf system for your application!

Whether you want a perfect putting green, a high-wear playground system, or the perfect front lawn, SGS has you covered.

The Right Look

We’ve spent endless hours creating products that we believe look the most realistic.

We have a saying: if you drive by an SGS supplied turf installation, and “Do not” notice it, then we’ve done our job.

Fill out our sample form and provide as many details as possible so we can get you up to speed with the latest samples and project help.

Contact Us - 844-208-8873

Our success is your success.

Our Goal is to make you confident in the products we offer, the service we provide, and honesty in which we operate.
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