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Commercial Turf

The time has never been better to use synthetic turf for commercial projects…

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commercial-turfBecause the cost of maintaining a commercial property is typically twice as great compared to residential, extracting costs from the bottom line monthly is money in pocket.

Some of the best instances for commercial turf use is heavily trafficked areas, as well as areas that receive little traffic. Both heavy and low traffic landscape situations warrant the use of synthetic surfaces: Heavy trafficked areas is an obvious reason where maintaining natural grass is simply a foregone conclusion. However, light trafficked areas benefit from little to no maintenance, ever.

Other Commercial Turf Installation Options & Use

Roof top turf installation

Rooftop Turf

  • Rooftop and High-rise decks
  • Between buildings & narrow corridors
  • Quad and Courtyards
  • Small Intramural Turf Field
  • Median & Off Hi-way Landscape

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