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Installation Tips & Advise

DIY turf isn’t for the faint at heart, but we’d like to help you get through your project with some pro pointers on preparation, what turf to choose, and how to get it installed easily and efficiently.

Award Winning Meridian Artificial Turf

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The new Meridian Series Artificial Lawn product is by far the most realistic, lush, and natural looking product on the market today.

Purchase US Made Direct

You have many choices for purchasing artificial turf, eBay, craigslist and a host of other online resellers, but how do you know where & what you’re actually getting?


Los Angeles Artificial Turf

SGS’ turf products are created using some of the most inventive and realistic looking artificial grass fibers on the market today. Each turf product is designed to replicate the dark rich colors of natural grass in prime growing season. We even incorporate root zone grass fibers that have alternating colors to simulate thatched root-zones of some varietals. In addition, SGS carries one of the longest turf warranties in the industry with an unparalleled 16-year performance warranty.  Our warranty is based off of independent, 3rd party testing. Each product is evaluated using stringent testing methods, such as UV, wear, and heavy metal content.  We even have financing options through Hero & YGreen. Considering that 70% of household water is expended trying to keep exterior plant life alive, doesn’t it make sense to eliminate the headache, and start saving water and money immediately. Let SGS help you get your turf project done on-time and under budget.